Crumbling Skyline

from by Garden of Ascension

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A song via a writer in the UK, a recorder in Colorado/Utah, and a lyricist in California. Enjoy


Crumbling Skyline

i have ascended from the depths of man
once bearing the fruition of life
now a ruinous wasteland rife with death

i watch the world burn
the helpless inhabitants left forlorn
every life abandoned and stillborn
this destruction has no bounds
take my hand as your world is plunged into oblivion
my entity now beyond the sky departed of life

there is no hope
indulge into reminiscence of what once was
your future will never be seen
as the fire blinds your eyes
shadows of your former self now paint desolate landscape
history has come full circle as i await utter destruction with no escape

i have long perished to the deconstructed skyline
i have transcended the scriptures of the ancients
the heavens have been crippled to my might
unveiling these universal secrets
has only revealed a destined outcome
the fall of man

manifest hate as the ground trembles and quakes
manipulate minds to control everyone’s fate
this is destiny
all will be purged under the might of the storm
fire will sear the flesh that you once worn
fear all that could not be perceived
let this be the moment; rue the very day you were conceived

death follows close
this earth has become your tomb
imprisoned where you stand
a destined outcome
the fall of man


from Other Stuff and Retakes, released April 7, 2014
Gareth Lidstone - Writer
Trooper Headley - Recorder, Mixer, Programmer
Dakota Timoteo - Lyricist



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Garden of Ascension Denver, Colorado

Musician hailing from Colorado.
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