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This is a song from my side project, Magnascope. This features my roommate, Jonah, on bass as well as a composer and lyricist, and me, who is the producer, guitarist, and engineer.


Keep Your Hope

Part I: Cataclysm(instrumental)

Part II: Wasteland
Rise from the shattered remains of the earth, but this was not a rebirth they took all that we found made us feel alive

Watch as were all marched away under threat, but death will not come for us yet, though we saw things that made us question our lives

Part III: The Invasion

They came down upon us
With lightning and thunder
Some say we deserved this
But it had no purpose!

They came here to slaughter
Bring fire upon us
And the few that live onward
Made slaves for their valor

Our hope was gone

The will was gone

But one bright spot!

Brought hope to us!

Finally to fight and to live!

Part IV: The Battle(instrumental)

Part V: Keep Your Hope

As the dust fell around me
The sun was just rising
And with all that I could see
I fell to my knees

And then out of the ashes
And into the limelight
Came walking a figure
He said this to me

"We our the victors
And we live on from this day
But always remember
Who fell in their wake!"

I know not who he was
For with that he left me
And together man triumphed

As the years have passed by,
We've found something missing
And though we have moved on
What was the cost?

United we stood then
And together we proved then
That man as a whole can
Survive in this life

But something is needed,
From there we've retreated
But my heart still retains it
Keep it close
Keep your hope


from Other Stuff and Retakes, released April 7, 2014
Trooper: Composer, Engineer, Producer
Jonah: Composer, Lyricist, Moral Support.



all rights reserved


Garden of Ascension Denver, Colorado

Musician hailing from Colorado.
If you like my stuff, hit me up!

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